The Choral Society of the Palm Beaches Leadership


  • Herb Andrew

    Maura Merkal     Recording Secretary

    Mollie Prager Corresponding Secretary


  • Suzanne Sperry
    Vice President,
    Facilities and Stage -Set Up

    Clare Lesser
    Treasurer, Membership




  • Alan Adams

    Debbie Herring

    Jane Dunn                 Box Office Services, Ushers & Lobby

    Nick Nickerson  Concert Production

    Pat Underwood  Advisor

  • Bill Saltzgiver Marketing 

    Steve Roman     Concert Production   

    Nina Motta             YAVC Coordinator, Website Coordinator

    George Tornay       Fifty-Fifty

    Paul Levin          Advisor


Ann Levy, Wardrobe

Annie Short, Music Librarian

Betsy Sheffer, Good Will & Parties

Judy Bernstein, Name Tags

Judy Walk, Editor

Karla Herbold, Press Releases 

Linda Wilson, Tickets 

 Mike Etra, Attendance 

Silke Riley, Wardrobe 

Vera Esposito, Information & Telephone 

Wayne Jones, Social Media

Wendy Griswold, Data Entry & Outreach

Nic Haylett, Facebook

Mary Martyny, Collections

Josie Kennedy, Press Releases

Steve Roman, Outreach

Section Leaders

 Liz Jones, Sopranos

Melissa McBride, Altos

Nick Nickerson, Tenors

Pat Underwood, Tenorettes

Paul Levin, Basses