Young Artist Vocal Competition  

The 2018 Young Artist Vocal Competition will be held on Sunday, February 25, 2018 at Lakeside Presbyterian Church in West Palm Beach at 2:30 pm.

Application Deadline:   February 2, 2018.

First Place Prize: $1,000   Second Place Prize : $500

Qualified senior high school choral students welcome!

Please see Requirements and Application below.

2017  Young Artist Vocal Competition Winners
Kristine Hewitt, Jacob Cornelius, Gabriella Torres

Judges: S. Mark Aliapoulios, Anita Castiglione, Marilyn Mims

Winners with Judges:  Kristine Hewitt, Jacob Cornelius, Marilyn Mims, S. Mark Aliapoulios, Anita Castiglione, Gabriella Torres

1st Place: Jacob Cornelius

  2nd Place: Kristine Hewitt

  3rd Place: Gabriella Torres

As major cuts continue to impact music and art curriculums in our schools, protecting these programs are of paramount importance. Assuring that our students are able to engage in their passion for the arts, grow musically and develop their “musical identity” is one of our missions.

In an effort to develop a community outreach program that not only addresses this issue but also supports high school students continuing their choral music studies in college, The Choral Society of the Palm Beaches began the Young Artist Vocal Competition in 2014.

The Young Artist Vocal Competition is an annual event that recognizes high school seniors in Palm Beach County for exceptional choral ability and performance. Through the Memorial Scholarship Fund, prizes are awarded for excellence, musicality and professionalism. Winners of the competition receive media recognition and are featured guest soloists in our April concert.

We invite choral students to participate from both public and private schools. Those qualified must be planning to pursue a college major or minor in vocal performance, music education, or music theater with voice as their principal instrument.

Please consider a donation to the Young Artist Vocal Competition through our Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Past YAVC Winners